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Our oast courses & reports by participants

Faces of oppression (spring, 2019)

How to organize a group? (Miskolc) (spring, 2019)

The municipality are us! (spring, 2019)


How to organize a group? (fall, 2018)

Advocacy and base building (fall, 2018)

Strategic planning (fall, 2018)

The municipality are us! (fall, 2018)

Action organizing (fall, 2018)

Citizen journalism (fall, 2018)

Your rights won't protect themselves (spring, 2018)

Disability is power! (spring, 2018)

Photography and activism (spring, 2018)

She is beautiful when she is angry - feminist filmclub (spring, 2018)

Pedagogy of liberation 1. (spring, 2018)

Pedagogy of liberation 2. (spring, 2018)

Pedagogy of liberation 3. (spring, 2018)

Participatory action research (spring, 2018)

Public policy mentoring at CEU (spring, 2018)---------

Video advocacy (winter, 2018)

Who cares about the elections? (winter, 2018)

Workshop on communication and conflict resolution (winter, 2018)

Gender roles and inequalities (winter, 2018)


Training for refugees (fall, 2017)

Film club on social problems (fall, 2017)

How to organize a group? (fall, 2017)

Advocacy and base building (fall, 2017)

Strategic planning (fall, 2017)

Tutoring in public policy at CEU (fall 2017 - spring 2018)


Summer university on civil society and politics (summer, 2017)


Workshop on access to public data (spring, 2017)

Introduction to grassroots organizing (CEU) (spring, 2017)

Social inequalities (Balassagyarmat prison) (spring, 2017)

Media in advocacy (spring, 2017)

Visual facilitation (spring, 2017)

Community mediation (spring, 2017)

Pedagogy of liberation (spring, 2017)

Civil rights (spring, 2017)

Nonviolent communication (spring, 2017)

Art and activism (spring, 2017)

Workshop on participatory action research (spring, 2017)


Advocacy and base building (fall, 2016)

Gender inequalities in advocacy (fall, 2016)

Moderation of group discussions (fall, 2016)

Nonviolent communication (fall, 2016)

Civil rights (Eger Prison) (fall, 2016)


Social inequalities (course in a Hungarian prison) (summer, 2016)

Summer university on alliances and successful campaigns (summer, 2016)


How to be famous on the Internet? (summer, 2016)

Civil rights  (course in a Hungarian prison) (spring, 2016)

Pedagogy of liberation (spring, 2016)

Strategic planning (spring, 2016)

How to organize a group? (spring, 2016)


Nonviolent communication (winter, 2015)

Social movements through film (winter, 2015)


Moderation of discussions (fall, 2015)

Media in advocacy (fall, 2015)

Gender role and gender inequalities (fall, 2015)

Advocacy and recruitment (fall, 2015)

Ladder of citizen participation (fall, 2015)


Summer University on social movements (summer, 2015)


Social inequalities  (course in a Hungarian prison) (spring, 2015)

How to organize a group (spring, 2015)

Critical pedagogy (spring, 2015)

Public Life Circle (spring, 2015)

Advocacy and recruitment (spring, 2015)

Moderator training in Heves County (fall, 2014)