Time for action

The focus of the participatory action research titled “When is the time for action, if not now?” was the history of housing movements in Hungary, which so far has been an almost completely unexplored area. Since January 2015, nine people living in housing poverty have been participating as co-researchers together with two academically trained coordinators.

The traveling exhibition “When is the time for action, if not now?” presents the results of the participatory action research of the same title. The aim of the exhibition is to show people who live in housing poverty today the grassroots movements of the 20th century that were organized for decent housingas well as to inform them about ongoing struggles and initiatives.On the long run, the exhibition aims to strengthen the civic participation and self-advocacy of people living in poverty, to help them understand the problems related to poverty and housing and to find ways to support organizing and movement building.

This travelling exhibition based on the Time for Action research presents grassroots housing movements in 20th century Budapest with the help of twelve 1x1,5 meter banners. Topics presented on the banners are cavedwellers, shackdwellers, rent strikers and organizing artists from the early 20th century, squatters after the 1956 revolution, communal housebuilding, advocacy in state socialist housing projects and workers’ hostels, the so-called shabby revolution of homeless people in 1989-1991 as well as tenants' associations in the 1980s.

A temporary exhibition was also featured by Kassák Múzeum.

Video about the project by Sozial Marie Prize for Social Innovation.

Read our research report in English in LeftEast!

Time for Action researchers: Ilona Csécsei, Mariann Dósa, Imre Kleiner, Magdolna Palotai, Ibolya TündeSzakmáry, Zoltán Sziráki, Károly Szombathy, Tessza Udvarhelyi, Nándor Wittmann

Professional consultant: Lívia Ledniczky

Design: Vivien Mikes


Photo: István Várady