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Tessza Udvarhelyi, PhD (research and organizational development) is a long-time activist, educator and the co-founder and director of the School of Public Life.

In 2009, she co-founded The City is for All, the only grassroots housing advocacy group in Hungary. Tessza completed her PhD in environmental psychology at the City University of New York. Her dissertation was about the responses of the state and grassroots movements to the housing crisis in Hungary.

Tessza has a strong background in both formal and non-formal education. She has extensive experience in nonformal and formal education in the fields of intercultural communications and urban studies.

In 2016 Tessza was selected as the 36th Hungarian Ashoka fellow for her work with Hungarian social movements.

Tessza's CV can be downloaded here.

Tessza's publications

Júlia Vujovits is responsible for communication and office management

She studied Sociology and Gender Studies and researched Hungarian men’s movements and feminist urban planning. She started working at Foundation for Democratic Youth in 2013, where she got an insight into the non-profit sector, non-formal educational methods and projects. She has found her calling because since then she has been working in this field.

"I believe that the School of Public life is an essential initiative which helps to preserve democracy and active citizenship by sharing knowledge and experience about social inequality, movements and advocacy. It means a lot to me that I can be a part of an organization that is constantly working for a good cause."

Anna Dániel is responsible for finances and administration.

She is an economist with a specialization in foreign affairs. She has been a public servant for 42 years and currently she is retired. She used to work in government communications inclusind European Union communication, organizng events, Hungarian and foreign language publications and grant management. She participates in the work of the School of Public life because she can completely identify with its mission and principles of operation.

Ági Fernengel, sociologist, head of educational programs.

She completed her Master's degree at the Central European University and studied the cultural aspects of the transformation of the Hungarian state. As a member of the College of Social Theory, she addressed critical social theory, especially global inequalities and postcolonialism. She is a co-founder of Deviszont Community Space, a pedagogical program for vocational students in Kispest and has organized drama camps for almost 10 years.