As a man I also suffer from the gender role expected of me – report about our gender training


I participated in the training about gender roles, because I didn’t know enough about the subject. I expected to get to know more about the discrimination that women experience today in Hungary. Compared to this, I got a lot more, because the training enlightened a lot more things for me. For example the fact that I do not treat women as equal partners in many of my relationships. I realized that I, too, suffer as a man from the gender roles expected of me. It is better for me, too, if I don’t have to meet expectations just because I am a man, and it is better for me, too, if I don’t expect things from the other person just because I suppose what and how they should do.

Instead, let’s talk with the other person – as we did in the training – and doing so, we can get better results as we work together.

Before the training, I was excited about how it was going to think about questions of which my social group is the cause and the maintainer. But the presence of trainers, Móni and Mariann, was reinforcing all along. First of all, it was clear that they are familiar with the subject – the two days were super-informative. On the other hand, they never made me feel that I am the oppressor, instead, they listened openly when I expressed my opinion.

I would recommend this training to everybody. Apart from the subject itself, one of the best things in the training was that I could meet people who I didn’t know before, and who I would happily meet again. We started out as strangers, but we got to know each other a little. I realized how narrow my world is, and how rarely I have the chance to think together with unknown people in such a calm and safe environment. It was super to meet so many kinds of people, who are out of my circle and experience that I can broaden the boundaries of my world by participating in such a training.

Zoltán Somogyvári

Photos by István Várady