“Every time a new community is formed” - report about our Advocacy and Base-building training


This year, I had another opportunity to participate in the Advocacy and Base-building training of the School of Public Life. Even though I had already participated in a similar training, I learned a lot from this workshop, too. The reasons for this are rooted partly in the essence of the training, and partly in the ever-changing nature of my community where I will apply what I have learned. This time I felt that the group organization exercises were the ones that would help me a lot later.

It is part of the constantly renewing nature of the School’s trainings that different organizations are represented every time by different members. Therefore, each time a new community is formed, where you can meet new people while also see familiar faces. Besides, the training is very practice-oriented – we used real-life examples and shared our experiences – which makes it always very relevant. The methods and the training materials are also always updated, which is yet another proof of the facilitators’ professionalism.

The atmosphere was very positive throughout, as an small community was formed out of the participants in these two days, and I am sure I will be able to use the knowledge I learned here when I get home.

Antal Nagy  (The City Is for All Pécs)