How to organize a group? – a training report

Fotó: Csécsei Ilona
from Közélet Iskolája on Picasa

Last Sunday in the afternoon I uploaded a certificate to my social media page. The document was issued by The School of Public Life. This paper proves that I participated in a training called “How to organize a group? “. My friends were immediately interested in the details and wanted to know more about the course. It was hard to give them a proper answer as so many things were going on in my head. Not only the amount of information made the two day long training a good experience but the new professional and friendly relations did too.

We were all nailed to the chair by the momentum, dynamism and outstanding professional knowledge of the young lecturers. We were all focusing on them since we all came with the same questions: how can we finally attract the attention of others? Or rather how to attract the attention of others and raise awareness around those social problem we wanted to solve together during the course? How can we convince those living around us that our mission is important? As the cores of our groups how could we attract like-minded individuals who themselves are able to detect the problems and agree with the urgent need for action to bring change? The course helped us to become from ugly ducklings high-flying beautiful swans.

Although we all represented different issues we still managed surprisingly easily work together in a group. There was representation of autism, seniors, women, trade unions, and homelessness. Participants came from the countryside as well as from Budapest. After a few hours participants had disappeared and only friends remained.

Personally I got in touch with a few of them right after the end of the course. Some of them will enrich my friend circle and some of them will be part of my professional network. Due to the training some of us have decided to try to create a community where our voice can be heard. With this community and with help of experts we try to find solutions for problems we represent. In any event it is due to the course that we are already able to define the aforementioned goal. It seems like the momentum of the lecturers is tacky. Thank you very much!

I hope to take part in more courses! I found it very useful, interesting and personality developer.

Judit Nemesnyik