I left the room as a conscious voter - report about our election training


I am grateful to the School of Public Life for being able to participate in the “Who cares about elections?” workshop. I left the room as a conscious voter at the end of the three-day workshop. It helped me become not only a more effective member of the civil society organization I am volunteering at, but also a better citizen.

The workshop equipped me to be able to ground my reasoning on hard facts and real life examples in the upcoming election period. Hopefully, I will pass on what I have learnt this weekend convincingly wherever I can.

It was also a great experience to meet the other participants, get to know their issues, and share our knowledge. It is a very valuable aspect of the workshop that people from outside Budapest also participated in it, together with participants from Budapest who are not part of the usual NGO and activist circles. The workshop provided participating organizations an opportunity to develop their network, learn about the working methods of other organizations, and develop the programs of our own organization through some specific, practical exercises.

The expertise of the facilitators made a very difficult and broad topic accessible and digestible. There was no idle time or any futile moments in the course of the weekend.

Juli Perczel