Report about our film club on social movements


It is a curious story, how I found the autumn film club of the School of Public Life. Having lived abroad for many years with my partner, we decided to move home in summer. We had to re-discover Budapest and the intellectual spaces close to our worldview. Since we did not want to miss the smaller places that offer exciting programmes either, we found our way to Gólya Bistro, where we saw the flyer of the film club organized by the School of Public Life.

During this 8-week program, different social problems and processes were introduced and the social and political answers given to them through the emergence and operation of various social movements. The topics covered included housing, environmental justice, and the situation of disabled people in the world. According to the program, each screening was followed by a discussion facilitated by Mariann Dósa from the School of Public Life. She has great theoretical and practical knowledge about social movements, therefore we always felt as if we were participating in a professional discussion. Besides, she encouraged us to think about and discuss what we saw.

I think it is crucial to improve critical thinking and the culture of deliberation in Hungary. Today, extremely simplified and often victim-blaming messages dominate the public sphere, therefore it is very important to have organizations that promote a different approach and seek to the improve critical thinking and the exercising of democratic rights in Hungary. The film club was an excellent instrument for this and I hope that  it will eventually be continued.

Personally, in the future I would like to watch movies about and discuss the procedures that led to the development of the above-mentioned problems. I am grateful for the School of Public Life for the organisation of the film club, the great discussions, and the important work they do in Hungarian public life!