Video advocacy – report about the training


See and make others see through the eyes of the camera! I was happy to read the call for participation in this training that my association received from the School of Public Life. And I applied! I told the chairman of my association on the phone that I know we lack the resources, but I will give it a try. And I succeeded!

The training was important for me because in the Association of Patients with Rheumatism for the Targeted Therapy, my job is to keep our webpage and other media platforms up-to-date. Video making was missing from my communication toolkit, because I didn’t have enough knowledge about it.

I travelled enthusiastically and happily to Budapest from the countryside to learn as a 67-year-old because I want to do a lot more for the people with disadvantages in my association.

I got to know István Gábor Takács and Ádám Surányi from Rightsreporter Foundation as amazingly helpful people with great knowledge. Nothing was impossible for them even when they had to solve the most unexpected technical problems. They did all this smiles on their faces, a positive attitude and with a huge amount of knowledge.
What did I learn? A lot of things in which I was always interested. On the first day, video advocacy theory and strategies that we analyzed through several examples. The second day was about production including the necessary equipment, camera settings, basic video knowledge, composition, interview techniques and image editing. I enjoyed it especially because it was a very active day.

The third day was the day of follow-up. We got to know the Blackmagic Design Da Vinci Resolve program. We practiced cutting, subtitling and other important technical things on our video recordings from the day before, and then we watched our completed works cheerfully.

The follow-up was a challenge for me because I progressed slowly due to my poor computer knowledge. But István and Ádám were there at the right moment and put me back on track. I am thankful to them! Now, what is left for me is practice, so that I can use this knowledge in my advocacy work as soon as possible.

Thanks to the School of Public Life for the opportunity! I wish them success in their very useful work and I hope I will have the chance to participate in another training in the future.

Lajos Weisz

Photo: István Várady