We must communicate – but how? - report about the training


Lately, I’ve been feeling that the knowledge I had gained so far was not enough to realize all I had set as my goals. So I participated in a three-day practical training, organized by the School of Public Life, titled ‘We must communicate – but how?’.

The training covered three topics, introduced by acknowledged trainers: first, we learned about nonviolent communication from Kriszta Hoffmann  and Judit Wirth. Then we were acquainted with the tricks of facilitating discussions by Tessza Udvarhelyi and Panni Végh, and finally,Boróka Béni presented to us the restorative approach of  conflict-resolution.

To sum it up, I had a chance to learn about communication methods that help to tame conversations and create an atmosphere for decision-making in which everybody can open up and share its opinion with the others. I was also introduced to decision-making mechanisms that I had never encountered before. I could see how important a role the leader of the discussion plays in these situations - either as moderator, mediator, or facilitator. We gained practical knowledge through the trainers, who are credible representatives of the topics they covered. Situational games became comic when we recognized the characters from our own private lives, and we could get a perspective on our own ways of working.

The participants came from different backgrounds, with different values and personalities, but these differences did not cause any conflicts, because we could develop in an atmosphere of democracy, acceptance, and respect thanks to the organizers’ professionalism. In this atmosphere, I could make new observations about myself and I recognized how I should communicate in order to be an active participant of the world around me, and be able to support others to do the same.

I would NOT recommend the training for those, who are planning to withdraw from the world and become a hermit, but for everybody else I would strongly advise it!

Bíró Annamária (Panni)