We were at a movement training


Lot of people ask the question worldwide how to assert their interest as a group when they are supressed, they suffer encroacments on their rights or similar problems. We learnt a lot about these in Budapest in the past 2 months in Közélet Iskolája through films – by discussing and interpreting the films as well as reading related literature to the subject.

 How to start with it  -  what is the recipe?

We need a smart group of people. One of them should be a leader who can speak for the group and who is able to communicate coherently. We need a plan, and a  strategy. If we document our work there is more chance to be successful. It is advisable to ask for lawyer’s help in order to support our fight for a legal act, arbitrament or modifying paragraphs. There is always a possibility to get intarnational help and it is worth quoting international norms.  And people will support us as they realise we are fighting with all our hearts for a good case,or trying to solve a problem, which could affect all of them.

What kind of films did we see?

We came to learn several cases, like homeless ,disabled persons from Hungary, Africa, and from the United States, victims of police agression, factory squatters, enviroment protectors, victims of countries at the edge of financial bankruptcy. The lecturers helped us to focus on the relevant issues and put us in the picture regarding the actual situations. The historical study handouts were of a great help for us and made us able to become helpers ourselves  to people struggling with similar problems.

 We decided to keep in touch as a group, which was made up by a lot of different people: students and  long-time activists like refugee helpers, environment protectors, as well as disabled , unemployed and homeless persons.

We met members of the Movement of Public Workers, and the activists of  The City is for All as well as organisations participating in a program of Védegylet.

You will probably hear from us soon!

a participant

Photo: István Várady