Who knows the local issues? - Report by a participant


I was glad to hear about the training in data request, because we had already started requesting public data from maternity hospitals in KANGA Association when we heard there was a training about this. In the training, we learned how to use the Kimittud interface that is fully transparent, therefore our requests and the responses are accessible to everyone, and besides, due to the legal references provided by the interface, the institutions take it more seriously if we request data through it.

The questions we posed at the training can be grouped in the following way:

Before the training, 17 maternity hospitals responded to our request, and since then 73% answered us. I am especially proud of the fact that every home birth institution responded to us, as well as Róbert Károly private hospital that is not even obliged by law to provide data.

We followed the procedure that we had learnt in the training; we sent the request and we received the responses within 15 days, and no one asked for a fee or an extension of the deadline for data provision. Then we sent out the edited spreadsheet to provide an opportunity for the institutions to correct any mistakes. Having received the responses, we shared the database. Very soon it triggered a pretty huge reaction. :)

We are currently working on making commenting possible on our website in addition to our Facebook page.

And since this initiative is voluntary, community donations are very welcome, so that the database stays available for everybody in the future, too.

I am very grateful for the chance that I could take part in this effective and useful training!

Maróy Ditta, KANGA Association