How to be famous on the Internet?


We held the training „I will be famous on the internet” in May for organisations focusing on advocacy so they could ake full advantage of communication opportunities inherent in Facebook and blogs. The training was held by two trainers –Marietta Le and Rita Zágoni - who worked with us for the first time. The reports of participants leave us in no doubt that it was not the last time for us to work together.

The room for the training, the computers and all the technical devices as well as lunch and soft drinks were offered by LogMeIn. Let us say a great Thank You again to them and to Balázs Dósa for organising this event.

There were many useful elements of the training such as the statistics of keywords search, Google Trends, RSS, hashtags, photo editing and word cloud etc. All of them were easy to learn and easy to apply. I was able to integrate some of them immediately in my daily routine. I applied the word cloud first, which was an inevitable success among our team and target group. I also started to use Inoreader for collecting news and I’m planning to use the other useful things as well.

During the day many interesting topics came up, about which I’m eager to know more about, so hopefully this programm will continue soon. Thanks and I wish you all a lot of success!

Marianna Varbai, Közösségi Alapítvány, Gödöllő and surrounds

The training was very valuable for me. I learnt how to create and design a webpage. I found the course very useful and I had a great time. I hope to have the opportunity to take part in other similar trainings. This was the first time for me and I profited from it so much. It was a great honour for me to participate in this training.

László Nagy

Photo by István Várady