Nonviolent communication – a report about the training


I’m no longer surprised by anything: I have been going to Budapest lately as if I was going home (it would be great to do this even more often). But if you knew how prejudiced I was towards Budapest! And today I feel I would be in a better place there, than here in Miskolc.

It was about a year ago that I got in touch with the „movement life” of Budapest and esoecially The City is for All (A Város Mindenkié, AVM). At this time in Miskolc, one could only see the rudiments of something (possibly) happening. Since then, to the best of my opportunities, I’ve kept in touch with AVM, the Streetlawyers and the School of Public Life. It was last August that everything changed: AVM held a two-day long civil rights and advocacy training in Miskolc at the invitation of Miskolc Has a Voice! Facebook group. This was when I realized that I was really needed in Miskolc.

I was eagerly waiting for the Nonviolent Communication training of the School of Public Life. Fortunately, I got in and everything went smoothly. I gained experiences that have provided me with enough ammunition to stand in the gap here in Miskolc. (This is how I feel every time: It’s simply good to be with you all.)

It was a great idea to collect and categorize our thoughts and expectations regarding the training at the beginning. I was also glad that by writing our names on stickers we were able to call everyone by their names during the training. The training started with such momentum and naturalness that it immediately had a grip on all participants. There were 24 of us with everybody representing a different vulnerable group. We started out the day as bunnies and finished as lions. This form of education should be institutionalized: beyond the acquiring of knowledge, it also builds community and strengthens us as individuals.

In the small group discussions, we got so close to each other during the constant flow of ideas as if we had known each other for ages. Our young and enthusiastic trainers had such an amazing impact on us that we sky-rocketed together. They explained everything in a plain and well-illustrated way and also made us play out what we had learnt. The training almost immediately inculcated in us and it left a lasting experience in all of us. At the end, we received everything we had learnt in writing, too.

I receive an unforgettable experience and KNOWLEDGE from the School of Public Life, every time we meet. Thanks to you and to all the participants in the training. Thank you for the experience of getting stronger and for making me feel that I’m not alone. We are many, and more and more of us have a desire to acquire knowledge.

I recommend the trainings organized by the School of Public Life to everyone, as they are unforgettable and unsurpassable.

Knowledge Gives Power

Mariann Csikos

Ps: Big thanks for the materials, photos and notes you sent afterwards!

Photo: István Várady