Nonviolent communications - report by training participants


We gathered from  the various regions of the country to participate at the event of School of Public Life, in order to learn how can we communicate in a nonviolent way, while advocating for our own and for the interests of others. The training was provided by two very well prepared trainers, who were also amazing human beings.

We came having different expectations, but we all agreed that our personal development was the most important besides acquiring practical knowledge that we can use during our everyday life and at our workplace. Despite the wheather being quite gloomy, it was a day spent in joyful teamwork acquiring tecniques that are useful in all areas of life.

For those of us who help others, it is very important to communicate in an efficient way, because by having precise information can we provide the best possible solution for those we help. Many of us don’t just come into contact with people in need, but also with those against whom we need to represent them. This is exactly why it is so important to communicate efficiently and persuasively.

There is one more thing that we have learnt on this day. Those people who fight for others and would like to represent their needs, are prone to put themselves in second place. We are used to always fighting for others, and we tend to forget that we are only able to give of what we have. This is why it is very important to take care of our personal wellbeing. This guarantees our ability to helpg others. We need to learn how to draw boundaries, we need to learn to stand up for our own interests and we need to accept that we cannot always help everybody. 

This day has given us so much, and we are grateful for being part of such event held by School of Public Life.

Nikoletta Kiss and Annamária Kunert (Trade Union of the Youth Association)

Photography: István Várady