„Our operation will be more organized and transparent” – report on the group-organizing training


As a member of the „Christians for Gays” group, I had the chance to participate in the training of the School of Public Life titled „How to organize a group?” Over the past years, we have often felt in our group that we do not have enough knowledge to lead and organize ourselves in an appropriate way. This is why we were very happy to hear that the School of Public Life offered such a training.

The themes of the training were very exciting: we learned and talked about things that are essential to the operation of a group. Over the two days, we engaged in many practical exercises, which we solved in groups. Besides learning together, these workshops were a perfect chance to get to know each other, the different organizations the participants represented and the challenges they face. The practicality of the training helped us understand the theory of group organizing, so we can apply it easily to our own organizations.

From all the interesting things, I would highlight the exercise that made us think about the barriers of expanding our group from the points of view of people committed to the organization at very different levels and in many different ways.
We also got an introduction to strategic planning by planning together the strategy of my own organization. It was a very positive experience for me to see how different participants helped me develop our strategy with so much enthusiasm and empathy.

All in all, these were very inspiring two days and I think our group will profit a lot from it. We will be able to clear a lot of undefined things and our operation will become more organized and transparent. Thanks a lot to Közélet Iskolája for the opportunity!

András Papp