Participant Feedback on "Gender Roles and Gender Inequalities" Training

Fotó: Várady István
from Közélet Iskolája on Picasa

As a homeless activist of The City is For All (AVM) I could study together with others about gender role expectations and the reasons for gender inequalities over three days, Friday-Sunday.

The first day we started with a movie. The film shows the status of women in the USA in the 1950s. It is about a girls’ college where “marriage studies” was a mandatory subject – here older teachers instructed the young students how to be “good wives”.At the end of the film we thoroughly discussed what we had seen: how the girls in the movie were restricted by the gender roles while the men shown in the film had much more freedom.It was shocking to see; although it was an old movie, some of its elements showed that in a lot of things women’s situation hasn’t changed since then.

On Saturday and Sunday, we discussed questions in relation to gender roles which also came up in the film: we learnt about gender roles; gender stereotypes; where “the place of women” is in the world and at home; what their role in the family is; and also what role the media plays in society.

Then followed a series of situational games which were fun and entertaining. Meanwhile gradually, unnoticeably we were learning a lot, and in the end, we started collecting and writing on the blackboard a variety of common solutions.

During the foundation training Mariann Dósa and Móni Szabó were great as instructors.We look forward to continuing.

Éva Németh

It was really a great pleasure for us to participate in the seminar.A special pleasure was the colourful composition of the group. We had expectedLGBTQ and NaNe (Women against Violence) people but the presence of homeless participants was a pleasant surprise. It was good to have a bit of an insight into this dimension as well, meaning getting to know activists from the AVM group, and also to get a taste ofAurora's friendly operation.

The event was very well organized and special congratulations for the non-aggressive, tolerant moderation of the training which was a “man challenging” task, especially in the diverse group we had over the weekend.Fortunately, you managed to overcome all obstacles, which was also an informative experience.

Andrea Demsa and Gabriella Lakatos

Photo: István Várady