Social inequalities in contemporary Hungary


It was already the third time that the School of Public Life held a training on critical social theory in a prison, this time in Balassagyarmat. In the following you can read the report of a participant:

“In the name of all of us, I can tell that we were happy about this program, and in the name of the group, I would like to thank you that we could be here and that you were here and brought some colors, some interesting things to our grey everyday lives. The discussions and the topics were good and interesting and thank you for the performance style and the preparedness of Mariann. It was interesting that the discussions on different topics were flowing freely, depending on what we were interested in, yet they happened with the help of Mariann’s questions and proposals, launching a chain of thoughts in everybody even if they had a firm belief on the subject.

We discussed topics that are significant in today’s society and faced by the majority of the people – especially when somebody is excluded or somebody excludes someone else – but still nobody really talks about them. Everybody thinks that they can’t do anything about them, so what’s the point in talking about them. In my personal opinion, such groups and initiatives are important. Because the power of words is bigger than the majority would think. The discussions that we have launch a chain of thoughts, which will later lead to action. If only one person from each group would relate differently even to only one of the subjects, then it is a success, because the change happens thanks to these discussions. Let’s say that because of such a discussion someone will not turn their head away when they see a homeless person, but give him or her some coins or a sandwich. And through these small changes, the world becomes a better, more livable place. We are thankful that with this series of discussions, they opened up windows for many undiscussed problems. Listening to each other, we could hear many different points of view, while getting to know each other better and ourselves, too.

In the name of the group, I would like to wish you success in your future work and I hope you will be able to make more people get to know these problems. Thank you for these 10 weeks!