Succesful, straightforward and human – report on non-violent communication training


If you feel like „if not me, nobody will ever” because somebody is always expecting something from you, so anger has accumulated inside you, than go and participate in the training of Non-violent Communication at the School of Public Life.

„Never,” „nobody,” „all the time,” „always,” „somebody” are the keywords of violent communication and if you hear yourself use them often, it is very likely that neither you nor the people in your environment communicate non-violently.

On one hand, communication is necessary. On the other, it is good. You will be shocked if you go through with the two trainers the endless verbal and non-verbal labyrinths of manipulation, sub- and superordination and harmful communication.

You will be especially surprised when you get to know the small but powerful toolkit of non-violent communication. Respectful asking or telling, spiced with some empathy and some eye contact - without blame and vague references. Clean, simple, free from frippery.  Succesful, straightforward and human. Hard, but not impossible.

And, I think, it is the natural need of many many people. But we have to learn non-violence again because the games that we are forced into during our lives make us forget open communication that aims at consensus.

I am happy that I could take a really interesting journey in the honest world of words and gestures.

I recommend for everyone to get a taste of this training (too) at the School of Public Life!

Andrea Csengei

Photo: István Várady