Summer university on social movements - report by a participant

Fotó: Várady István
from A Város Mindenkié on Picasa

In 2015 The City is for All  and the School of Public Life co-organized the community Summer University on social movements, their impact and development. The organizers of the event provided a high-quality program. Tessza Udvarhelyi and Mariann Dósa’s dedication was extraordinary. To mention just a few of the issues we covered: cycling movements, LMBTQ+ movements, disabled people movements, housing movements, advocacy for immigrants, the feminist movement, environmental protection and alternative economic models.

We were offered a broad variety of information by our invited speakers. Luckily there were quite a few participants both days. We invited all our guests for a modest but delicious lunch, for which particular thanks go to Mariann Dósa’s parents, Tessza Udvarhelyi’s mum and volunteer Hajnalka Ferenczi. During the programs we even had a kids playroom. Activists of the City is for All group were not only participants of the programs but volunteered in chores such as arranging the venue, money issuesand gate service.

I felt really good: we had the opportunity to take part in well organized conversations in a good atmosphere. There were excellent pictures taken. I would like to thank the organizers and the volunteers for their active participation. I hope that we could provide the participants with something they could take home as theirs. Personally, I learned a great deal and I’m very pleased that this opportunity for progress is open for everyone ever so underprivileged. Thank you, that I could be a part of this, I, as well as our guests have profited a lot.


Photo: István Várady